17-Year-Old Lorde Sells Rights to Song for Millions & We Wonder What Her Parents Think

lordeNew Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde kind of flew in under the radar this summer, but now all of a sudden, she's HUGE. After hearing her songs, I was stunned to find out she's just barely 17 years old. She's got such a grownup voice, grownup talent, and grownup outlook on life. And guess what else is surprisingly mature about her? Lorde just signed a $2.5 million deal with Songs Music Publishing. She's a self-made millionaire at a terribly young age. And as a parent I have to wonder -- are Mom and Dad having conversations with their daughter about money?


It sounds like Ella Yelich-O'Connor (Lorde's real name) has some thoughtful parents. Her mother is a poet who brought her daughter "heaps and heaps of books" to read. Lorde's persona so far wouldn't lead you to believe she's rebelling against her parents. I imagine they're on pretty good terms -- though of course I have no idea. I hope they're close and that her parents have provided a reliable ethical foundation for their daughter. She's going to need it in the music business.

But what about all that money? What would you do if your amazing genius of a kid made that much at such a young age? How would you keep your kid from going off the rails? I'm sure Lorde's parents see other pop stars (who shall go nameless here) and quake in their boots. Or maybe they don't -- maybe they know their daughter is more sensible and grounded that that.

If she were my daughter, I'd be talking with her about saving and investing. Actually, I'm not an expert on the latter, so I'd probably be sitting down with a financial planner to hash all that out. I think Lorde has a long and successful career ahead of her.

But it's not even about saving for the worst possible scenario -- having a ton of money is a huge responsibility. It can mess with a young person's head. So I hope Ella's parents are counseling her and helping her to keep her head in this crazy new world she's in.

What would you do if your teen made this much money?


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