Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Offer Rare Glimpse of Biological Daughter

Catelynn Lowell Tyler Baltierra daughter CarlyWhether you're a fan of Teen Mom or not, the show has done a lot for normalizing open adoption in America. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were clearly not ready for parenthood when daughter Carly arrived, and they were brave enough to talk about it on television every week for four seasons. But their passion for the cause didn't stop there, and now there's a photo out that does wonders to forward the notion that open adoption isn't just good for parents: it's good for the kids too!

Just take a look at Catelynn and Tyler's daughter, Carly Davis, when she got to spend some time with not only her adoptive parents, but her bio mom and dad too! The grin on her face says it all!


The photo -- and the one above of Carly's back -- have surfaced as Catelynn and Tyler push adoption in honor of National Adoption Month, but they actually date back to September when Tyler and Catelynn had their annual get-together with Carly and her parents, Brandon and Teresa Davis. The Davises also invited Beth, the birth mother of their son, who has also become a friend of Catelynn's. 

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In all that makes two little kids and five adults gathered round to shower them with love. Can you think of anything greater for a kid than MORE love in their life?

Adoption is not an easy decision. We saw that time and time again on Teen Mom. Even years later, Catelynn and Tyler still field criticism for their choice, and they still feel the pain. As Catelynn tweeted this week:

But the increasing number of parents opting for open adoption gives everyone in the equation something good. The birth parents retain a connection with their little one. The little one gets to know about their biological ties and is showered with love from multiple sets of parents. And the adoptive parents have a child who is surrounded by that love.

Good for Catelynn and Tyler for being willing to share their story to change others.

Would you consider open adoption? Why or why not?


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