Kelly Clarkson Is So Pregnant Right Now (Probably)

kelly clarksonIt's time we introduce a new trope in celeb interviews: The pregnancy non-announcement announcement. That's when a celeb won't say she's pregnant, but she also won't say she's not NOT pregnant. This usually means she's about six to ten weeks along and if you'll all just shut up and quit asking you'll get her official announcement in a couple weeks. Exhibit A: Kelly Clarkson saying "We are not announcing anything right now!" when Jay Leno asked her, point blank, if she's pregnant. Yup, I'd say she's around eight weeks along.

Kelly and her husband, Brandon Blackstock are definitely trying, that's for sure. "Like rabbits," Kelly said, conjuring images in our minds we'd probably all rather not have. Kelly says they want a baby "like now! Practice makes perfect!" Jay! Please stop making Kelly Clarkson talk about her sex life. 


Practice makes what now? Do they not understand how the whole process works? Because it's pretty simple. You see, Kelly, when a man and a woman love each other very much, or at least have the hots for each other, they take their special body parts and... Oh by the way, Kelly says they've been "trying" since they got married October 20. But I suspect she's being this coy about "trying" and "announcements" because those two have been doing the rabbit mating dance a bit longer than that. Sorry, I know we were going to all do our best to stop thinking about the rabbit sex.

Anyway, all I'm saying is that Kelly is DYING to tell us all that she's expecting a baby. Maybe. But she's waiting until she gets through that first trimester. And there's that whole awkward business about getting knocked up before the wedding. I'm not saying Kelly Clarkson didn't conceive a baby before she got married. But I'm also not NOT saying she was with child when she put on that white dress. 

I guess we'll just have to wait and see. In approximately two to four weeks. I mean, maybe. Maybe not. 

Do you think Kelly is pregnant and just not ready to tell us?


Image via Pacific Coast News


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