Tom Cruise Isn't a Bad Dad Because of Scientology

suri cruise With more details emerging from Tom Cruise's deposition regarding his divorce from Katie Holmes, it's hard to keep up. Some of the new info -- like Suri Cruise no longer being a Scientologist and the role the church played in TomKat's split -- isn't exactly jaw-dropping. But learning that doting father Tom didn't see Suri for 110 days after separating from Katie? That's enough to raise a few eyebrows.

Tom has spoken in the past about how his divorce from Katie took him by surprise. I don't think it was Katie's position to make him feel hurt or victimized. If anything, from an outside perspective, her actions of announcing the divorce and then essentially fleeing from Tom all painted the picture of a woman acting decisively for the sake of her own safety and that of her child's.


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In the interview moderated by lawyers, Tom was asked if it were true that he had gone for so long without seeing his daughter. Initially Tom played it off and mentioned that he spoke to her on the phone constantly. While he might have himself convinced that talking to your kid on the phone makes up for face-time, he's kidding himself. Yes, reading to your kid over the phone is great, but it's not the same as being there.

Obviously sometimes during a divorce, navigating the waters of shared parenting is arduous and challenging. I'm sure Tom can try and point the finger of blame at Katie and at his busy work schedule, but the truth is, Suri's his daughter. If he wants to see her -- and still has legal rights to do so -- nothing is stopping him. I am tempted to make a Mission Impossible joke here, but I won't. Just know I was thinking it, okay?

Even Tom, when pressed, admitted that talking on the phone was a sorry substitute for not seeing his daughter in the flesh. It's obvious that Tom adores his daughter, and his testimony during the deposition showed that talking about her and about his divorce is still a very touchy issue. But if he feels that strongly, shouldn't he stand up and spend more time with his daughter?

Do you think Tom's absence makes sense or does he have some explaining to do?


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