Liev Schreiber Rides Kids to School on Bicycle Built for 3 (PHOTO)

liev schreiber bicycle kidsAs a mom of twins, I will admit that I'm sometimes envious of the parents with one child secured in a bike seat who pedal to school. Seems so easy. Riding a bike would be so much faster than our 20-minute walk to school often with one child saying they are too tired to walk and therefore the dreaded stroller has to be taken. I really thought stroller days were over! 

Then along comes Liev Schreiber and his sons 4-year-old Kai and 6-year-old Alexander with a bicycle made for three.


While Liev is without helmet, his boys both have their heads protected, and I love the big wooden box up front holding the school bags. That's quite a lot of weight he's pedaling around, which is exactly the kind of exercise I would love each morning and afternoon. It's exercise that is part of my day, without being disruptive, and the kids are involved (at least one way each day). This is a win. Goodbye double stroller. This is genius. How do I get a bike hooked up like that?!

Then I remembered I live in NYC. But so does Liev. But I'm not Liev. I wonder if that's why Liev takes them and not mom Naomi Watts. (Though she has been spotted wearing pajamas to the zoo with her kids. She rules!) Kids ... they sure are a heavy load. Add in traffic and taxis and NYC drivers ... hmm. Is this doable? I carried them in my womb. I birthed them. Surely I can ride them both on a bike at the same time.

I'd wear a helmet, of course. And I'd practice before getting on the street. First with one kid (the lighter one), then with just the heavier one. Then when I felt confident, both. I can do it! Right?

Do you ride your kids around on your bicycle? Do you have a bike like Liev's that fits two kids? What's your advice?


Image via Splash

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