Katie Holmes Should Take the Blame for Exposing Suri to Scientology

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes SuriSigh. Are you believing all this craziness going on in regards to Tom Cruise lately? (Wait ... don't answer that.)

But seriously, he opened up a huge can of worms by basically admitting that Katie Holmes left him to protect Suri from Scientology and everything that goes along with it.

Gee. Imagine that. Katie suddenly woke up one day and said, "Holy aliens -- I married into a cult religion and it's probably not the best thing for my kid to be around. I think I'll get the heck out of here before it's too late."


And on top of his bold admission, now Tom is trying to argue against claims that he abandoned Suri after the divorce -- even though he was apart from her for way, way longer than most dads go without seeing their kid.

I know he insists work is what kept him away from Suri and that he still talked to her all the time on the phone. But if Katie really did leave him to protect her little girl, then maybe she's the one who was trying to keep distance between them.

And while none of us can really argue with the fact that Katie did the right thing in getting Suri away from Scientology when she did -- isn't she kind of at fault for exposing her to it in the first place?

Let me explain.

Um ... it's not like Tom Cruise was some random dude whom she knew nothing about. Everyone with a pulse knows he's the poster child for Scientology, so she had to know she'd be expected to follow its teachings after getting involved with him.

And then she went and got herself knocked up with his kid -- all while knowing he'd probably want to raise her as a Scientologist. I know sometimes you don't realize just how important your beliefs are until children come into the picture, but considering how intense Scientology is -- Katie should've known that it could possibly create a problem down the road.

No, I'm not saying she shouldn't have had Suri. I just think maybe she should've done her research and set some ground rules with Tom before venturing down that path. If she had, maybe things would've been a little easier for her.

If she does get serious enough with another man in the future and decides to have another kid, she might want to make sure his faith is a little more in line with hers. The last thing she needs is get so blinded by love again that she fails to see what's lurking behind the scenes. (Yes, that's another alien reference. I can't help myself.)

Did you take religion into consideration before having kids with your partner?


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