Simon Cowell's Baby Name Choice Shows How Narcissistic He Really Is

simon cowellHere's a bit of celeb news that will surprise exactly no one. Simon Cowell wants to name his baby Simon Cowell. In an interview with his ex-girlfriend, Terry Seymour, Simon said, "My number one choice is Simon because I like the name." ORLLY, Simon? Do tell. Up until this point the idea of naming your baby after yourself had never really struck me as particularly narcissistic. But now that he mentions it, hmm, it kind of does now.

I understand the idea of passing down a family name, especially if your family has been doing it for generations. That's lovely, and it's always a bit of a pity when people break with that tradition. But what about when it's just you and your baby? Is that weird, in this day and age?


Maybe it's a regional thing, but I can't think of any friends who gave their child their first name. We're all trying too busy giving our kids original hipster names. When you use your own name it conveys a certain lack of imagination... I would think. It's also kind of old-fashioned. Hey, what if naming your kid after yourself becomes the new grandma/grandpa hipster name? Maybe Simon is onto something.

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We did pass on a family name to my son, via his middle name. And it's a sweet name that my son loves now. So I do appreciate the value of passing on family names. It's just that I also value originality.

Of course, Simon will have to get approval for that name from the woman actually carrying his child, Lauren Silverman. Maybe she wants to name the baby Laurence, "Laurie" for short, borrowing a bit from her own name and also giving a nod to Little Women. Now that's a cool idea.

What do you think of the practice of naming a baby after yourself?


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