'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Should Get Custody Now That She's Out of Prison

Amber portwood release from prisonHave you heard? Amber Portwood just got out of prison, and already she's put ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley on notice. This Teen Mom wants her kid back! And why shouldn't she get custody of little Leah?

Joint custody, at least?


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Amber was greeted by a camera crew when she came out of the Rockville Correctional Facility, and she was eager to talk about her little girl, who she's reportedly seen only once since voluntarily entering incarceration. Asked if she's got joint custody in mind, Amber told TMZ:

That's the goal. That's what's going to happen.

And why shouldn't she?

Time in prison does not automatically mean someone is an unfit mother (or father) -- not when the crime that landed you on the inside is not related to your failings as a parent.

It's true Amber wasn't always the greatest mom. She first landed in legal trouble because she beat up Gary right in front of Leah!

But, and this is a big but, people make mistakes. What's important is learning from them, growing as a person, getting better.

That's what prison, believe it or not, is all about. It gives criminals time to cool their heels and think about the consequences of their actions, time to straighten out and decide to fly right. It gives them time to reflect on what's really important -- like their kids.

Amber took anger management and parenting classes behind bars. She got clean and sober. She did everything on the inside that she's supposed to do.

So why not give her joint custody of Leah? Not full -- after all, Gary has been doing a great job as a single dad, and there's no reason he shouldn't continue to have ample amount of time with his little girl.

Leah has been through so much already. The 5-year-old should have a chance at a normal life -- with both her mom and dad in the picture.

And Teen Mom fans might get a look-see at what that life is like! Gary tweeted last night that he's filming, and there are reports that MTV paid for Amber's dad to fly to Indiana for her prison release!

How should custody be handled for a mom (or dad!) just getting out of prison?


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