Drew Barrymore Is Pregnant Again (That Was Fast!)

Drew BarrymoreWow, everyone, there's some unbelievably cool baby news coming your way! Lately, it seems that celeb mommas aren't satisfied with having just one baby every few years, they pop 'em out one right after the other! Kristin Cavallari, Megan Fox, and Jessica Simpson all announced baby number two pretty much right after they pushed out baby number one. And the latest celebrity who is pregnant again already is ... Drew Barrymore! Congrats, Drew!


Drew gave birth to daughter Olive on September 26, 2012. Considering she is probably about three months along (she is already sporting quite a baby bump), she got pregnant again less than a year after giving birth. By the way, Drew hasn't yet confirmed this news -- but US Weekly swears it's true, and she certainly appears preggo, so let's just go with it.

I can't say this is a huge surprise since Drew seemed totally transformed by little Olive. Remember when Drew was such a party girl, and how she did weird things like getting married to a guy (Jeremy Thomas) she barely knew -- and then to professional MTV weirdo Tom Green? Remember how she flashed her boobs to David Letterman while dancing on his desk? Oooh, that Drew. We miss you.

These days Drew is all happily married to art consultant Will Kopelman and busy telling the press how madly in love she is with her baby. Olive, by the way, will be quite the New York baby. She has already been spotted at the New York City ballet and in Central Park.

As for having a baby so close to its older sibling, there are the pros and cons. Olive must be just now getting down to sleep regularly, so Drew can count on some more sleepless nights coming up soon. But Drew probably has some help, which will make things easier on her. Plus, at 38 years old, she probably didn't want to wait too long, lest things become biologically difficult.

And some people fall so damn in love with baby number one they just can't wait to have another. It's like potato chips!

Now let's just hope Drew doesn't give Olive a little brother or sister named Oil, Martini, or Leaf.

Did you have your babies close together?

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