Jenelle Evans Keeps Making a Classic Parenting Mistake (VIDEO)

jenelle evansJenelle Evans was with her son Jace this weekend. Wanna know how I know? Why, because there's a video up on the Internet documenting the event, that's why! Now, while I think it's great (trust me, really great) that Jenelle is spending time with her son and doing fun things with him (that ride looks awesome!), doesn't it seem like every time she's with him, she posts about it online? And, by the same token, doesn't it seem like there are lots o' other parents out there who do their own rendition of "The Jenelle"? AKA tainting a perfectly beautiful moment with their kids by taking photos and/or videos and then immediately posting them online?


Am I fully in the moment every second with my child? No, I am not. I wish I could say I'm constantly mindful and present -- not only when I'm with my daughter, but all the time -- but that's not the case. But I try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to not let a perfectly good moment get away from me when I'm with my family by snap-snap-snapping away on my iPhone and immediately uploading said pics to Instagram. Can't say I've never done it, but I try not to.

I admit it. When there's something really awesome or fun going on, it definitely is a knee-jerk reaction for me to whip out my phone to take a picture. And while I hate that that's what I've, we've, become, it is nice to have the photos. What really takes away from the moment is then posting the photos to Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook. Have I done it? Yes (so much cuteness to share!). And then I find myself with my head buried in my phone, trying to find the perfect pic, filter, and caption instead of continuing to observe whatever idyllic moment is passing me by.

Social media is great for many reasons, but there really is nothing in this world that has taken us out of the moment more. I've found a good alternative to posting cute kid photos online is to wait until later on to do so. Snap your pics when you're with your little one, and then after little Henry or Janie has gone to sleep, post until your heart is content. 

Because let's get real here, there is no "just posting to Instagram or Facebook." You get sucked in. And getting sucked into your phone when you're hanging out with your family is just plain whack.

Now. As if you haven't wasted enough time being out of the moment already, here's a video of Jenelle's kid on a fair ride. You're welcome. 

Do you take lots of photos/post online when you're with your kids like Jenelle?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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