Kendra Wilkinson's Husband Is a Slave to Her Pregnancy

Kendra Wilkinson Hank BaskettNow that the cat is out of the bag that she's expecting baby number two, Kendra Wilkinson is speaking out about her pregnancy. In true Kendra fashion, she isn't exactly being shy about the details.

Yep. The poor thing told People she's dealing with plenty of morning sickness and describes being "tied up next to a bathroom," though she admits the bouts of nausea hit her at night in lieu of when she wakes up. (Bummer.)

And while she also says she's much more laid back this time around than she was while pregnant with her son Hank, there's one aspect of pregnancy Kendra is making sure works to her advantage.


Duh, she has husband Hank Baskett waiting on her hand and foot. (Smart cookie.)

When she's not barfing (TMI?) -- Kendra's cravings start to kick in. And that's when she puts Hank to work. She said:

He's the one who has to deal with my symptoms and hear my problems. I already have cravings and they're very specific. As he's getting into bed, I'm like, 'I need food!' -- usually cheese. Every night this happens, and if he brings up yellow cheese and not white cheese ... Oh my God, go back downstairs. He's having to pay the price.

Snort. You gotta love it. I mean, if we can't demand a little extra attention from our husbands when we're pregnant -- then when can we?!?

And aside from the old cliche scenario of having him run out in the middle of the night to pick up a pint of ice cream, there are definitely a few more things we can squeeze out of him when we're sporting a baby bump.

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Like foot rubs, for instance. Maybe you're one of those lucky ladies whose husband offers to give you a foot massage every single night. (And if you are, he's a keeper for sure.) But if you're usually a bit hesitant to request one from him, just keep reminding him that you're carrying his child and the least he can do is rub your tired tootsies.

Or how about getting out of doing the dishes and/or laundry duty? You'll be doing more than your fair share of those two things once junior arrives, so it can't hurt for him to take over and let you put your feet up (so he can rub them when he's done, of course).

Ooo! I know. Pregnancy is the perfect time to take control of the remote. Your emotions are all over the place and you need to watch something heartfelt -- not a football game on a Sunday afternoon. (Duh.)

And in line with Kendra's demands -- don't be afraid to put him back to work if he didn't get your request right the first time. You're pregnant, for crying out loud, he should know better than to screw things up.

What sorts of extra requests have you given your husband during your pregnancy?


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