Rebecca Romijn's Twins Have Never Had a Birthday Party -- And They're 5!

If you're one of the millions of parents who have thrown their toddlers birthday parties that involved DJs, pony rides, or caviar, what you're about to read may blow your mind. Not only did actress and model Rebecca Romijn and husband Jerry O'Connell not roll out the red carpet when their twin girls turned 1 -- or 2 or 3 or 4 -- they've never even thrown them a birthday party! Now I'm guessing, though I can't be sure, that these lovely and loving parents probably invited close family over to their digs and at least let their kids blow out some candles on an ice-cream cake or something. But, by the sound of it, little Dolly and Charlie will play Pin the Tail On the Donkey at a party of their very own this year, at the ripe old age of 5.

And this makes Rebecca one smart mama.


Look, before you write her off as a birthday witch, there's a little more to this story that might make her refusal to adhere to birthday traditions more acceptable. Her twins' birthday falls on Dec. 28 during that unfortunately quiet lull between Christmas and New Year's Eve. Any child who hasn't been dragged to some relative's house to spend the week is going to have to be disentangled from his new toys and practically carried kicking and screaming to a birthday party. So that kind of sucks. 

But Rebecca also says her kids were so tired of opening presents and celebrating the holidays that they didn't really care about their own birthday and never wanted a party. Rather than force them to comply with mommy's birthday wishlist (I can admit I have a new one with each of my toddler daughter's birthdays), Rebecca did the smart thing and waited until they were old enough to attend school, actually have friends they liked enough to want to be at their party, and have a say in their own party planning.

What she did was logical and practical -- and yet so many of us continue to blow our budgets on crazy, over-the-top parties for kids who are too young to appreciate or care about them. My daughter's first and second birthday parties were relatively low-key -- think outdoor barbecue with cake and a few games -- and I still went nuts finding tablecloths and napkins the exact shade of pink as Minnie Mouse's dress. No one noticed and said, wow, what a party, just look at the tablecloths -- but I wanted things to be a certain way. For me. And I love that Rebecca seems to have planned her kids' party with her kids in mind. 

Did you throw your children big birthday parties when they were young? What do you think about Rebecca's way of handling her kids' parties?


Image Via RebeccaARomijn/Twitter

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