Josh Lucas Brings 1-Year-Old Son to 'Today' Show When Babysitter Doesn't Show (VIDEO)

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Stars -- They're Just Like Us! Edition #7,985,436: Even super hot celeb parents have days when they have to get to work and the babysitter is late -- even super hot celeb dads, like Josh Lucas! That's what happened to the Big Sur star on the morning of his Today show appearance, where he was set to promote his upcoming flick with co-star Kate Bosworth. Then the aforementioned childcare snafu happened -- yikes! What's a working dad to do?? Hoda Kotb can only wait so long!

Well, what Lucas did next might surprise you -- even if you've done the same thing.


Instead of cancelling on Hoda and co-host Jenna Bush Hager, Lucas simply packed up 1-year-old Noah and brought him along to the TV studio! Where, of course, the ridiculously cute toddler was more than welcome. "My babysitter did not show up this morning, so I was racing to be here on time," Lucas said.

Oh, man. We've all been there, haven't we, working moms? It's one of those rock/hard place parenting moments when we're left with essentially two almost equally unattractive options: 1. Call in sick or 2. Bring your kid to work

Personally, I usually opted for #1 in these types of situations, because, how much work would I actually be able to get done while simultaneously watching a small child AND trying to keep him or her from disrupting everyone else's day? But there are those times (like when you're supposed to be on live national TV) when you really can't miss work. In which case I guess all you can do is stuff some toys and a baggie full of Cheerios in your bag and hope your boss likes kids as much as Hoda does. 

Either way, Lucas didn't let his crazy morning get in the way of an awesome appearance -- check out this clip:

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Looks pretty good for a guy who just got stood up by his sitter, right?

Have you ever had to take your baby to work?


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