7 Worst Parenting Moments on 'Teen Mom'

Jeanne Sager | Oct 30, 2013 Celebrity Moms

Teen Mom Amber PortwoodI have a theory about the people who hate watch Teen Mom. You know what hate watching is, right? When you watch something you profess to hate ... because you can't just look away? Anyway, back to my theory: people love to hate on Teen Mom, and they love to watch because what they see makes them feel good about themselves. Every time one of the show's stars has a bad mommy moment, the rest of the world sighs and thinks (to themselves, of course), "Well, at least I didn't do THAT!"

It makes me feel not the tiniest amount of sympathy for some of the show's stars. Most of us screw up as parents, but we're able to do it in the privacy of our own homes, without TV cameras (and tabloids) recording it all.

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And yet, these girls did sign up for this, didn't they? They reap the financial rewards. They might not have signed up specifically to have their parenting criticized, but more than one of the stars has said she hopes that teenagers see how HARD it is to be a teen mom when watching the show ... and decides not to go that route.

So I think it's fair to say that even these girls know that they don't always do things right. Not to mention the dads on these shows screw up a fair amount of the time too!

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Here's a look at some of the worst parenting moments on Teen Mom.

Have you ever done #6? Do you know anyone who could top these?


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  • Farrah Abraham


    Thought it was bad when Farrah waxed Sophia's eyebrows earlier this year? That's nothing!

    Back in her days on the show, Farrah once left infant Sophia in a sink full of water ... and then walked out of the room! And then there was the time she set down Sophia's carseat -- with the baby sleeping inside -- out in the hallway of her new apartment complex and walked inside the apartment, shutting the door behind her!

  • Amber Portwood


    Amber was the most troubled star of the first Teen Mom, but she did try to be a good mother to little Leah. Unfortunately, beating up boyfriend Gary Shirley in front of the little girl wasn't just bad parenting -- it was illegal! Amber ended up arrested for domestic violence, and her legal trouble spiraled downward from there. These days she's in prison, but expected to get out soon. Good news: she's taken parenting classes on the inside.

  • Ryan Edwards


    Ryan Edwards has really come a long way over the years, and he's a dedicated dad to little Bentley these days. But he wasn't always there for his son. In the early days of the show, Ryan was often out partying instead of helping Maci -- which caused the engaged couple to break up.

    But his biggest fail? Ryan failed to pay child support at one point, even though he was receiving unemployment checks!

  • Maci Bookout


    Maci Bookout is one of the fans' favorites, and she has earned the title by being utterly dedicated to son Bentley. But there have been a few bumps in the road.

    Remember when she moved her son two hours away from his dad ... without letting Ryan have a say in where the boy lived?

    Maci suffered another hiccup earlier this year when she was caught spanking her son during her Being Maci special.

  • Jenelle Evans


    Jenelle's reputation as a scandalous reality star is well-earned. She's Jace's mom in name only as her mother, Barbara, had to take custody of the boy because Jenelle was an unfit mother who preferred partying to staying home with her child.

  • Adam Lind


    Chelsea's baby daddy is famous for not being around much, and not being terribly nice when he is. Among some of his most "stellar" parenting moments? He blew off his daughter's 3rd birthday party. And then when he decided to throw the little girl a party himself, he spelled his own child's name wrong on the cake!

  • Gary Shirley


    Gary has been a good dad to little Leah, and a single dad at that. But he stumbled a bit when he decided to use Leah against Amber back before the Teen Mom went to prison. Threatening a mom with not seeing her child is NOT good parenting, Gary! She's a person, not the ball in a game of keep-away.

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