Olivia Wilde's Pregnancy Just Kind of Happened

Olivia Wilde Jason SudeikisAnd the Hollywood baby boom continues ...

Olivia Wilde is pregnant with her first child with fiancé Jason Sudeikis -- and I guess it's safe to assume she's having an easy go of things so far, considering she attended a Kanye West concert with her baby daddy over the weekend. (Might as well hit the town now while they still can.)

I guess we really shouldn't be all that surprised that Olivia has a bun in the oven, well -- because all the cool celeb couples are having babies before their weddings these days.


But since earlier in the year, Olivia said she wasn't in a real hurry to have kids -- it does make us wonder whether or not this pregnancy was planned.

Apparently her philosophy on getting preggo was, "what happens, happens," -- and I think it's pretty obvious what happened, here.

Duh. Remember her famous quote on getting busy between the sheets with Jason? Something about them "having sex like two Kenyan marathon runners?"

If they're doing with that kind of intensity, conceiving a baby was bound to happen as a direct result, right? (Oh come on -- sometimes birth control totally ruins the heat of the moment.)

But whether or not Olivia and Jason's new addition was a surprise really doesn't matter -- a baby is a blessing whether he/she was part of the plan or not.

And OMG. This is going to be one really, really gorgeous kid. And don't even get me started on Olivia -- I can already see the "Amazing Post-Baby Body" headlines plastered all over the place about a month after she gives birth.

Congrats to Jason and Olivia!

Did you plan your pregnancy, or did it "just happen?"


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