Pauly D Doesn't Think the Woman He Got Pregnant Is Good Enough to Be a Mom

Pauly DPauly D kinda threw us all for a loop this week, didn't he? He went from being the doofus in a bromance with Vinny on Jersey Shore to, OMG, a father to a baby girl! And from the looks of the custody battle that's brewing over baby Amabella, it turns out Pauly D might also be a judgmental, mom-shaming ass clown.

Pauly D apparently wants custody of his daughter. Because he's a proud father who wants to be involved in his little girl's life? Well, maybe. But reportedly it's also because Pauly D thinks Amanda Markert is an unfit mother.


According to TMZ, Pauly, whose real name is Paul DelVecchio, is concerned because the chick he hooked up with in Vegas last year is 25 and already has another child from another guy and because she used to be a Hooter's waitress.

Got that?

A former star of Jersey Shore is judging a woman's ability to be a mother based upon her past.

I would laugh if I didn't want to cry. Because this kind of crap is exactly what mothers have to deal with every day.

So this woman worked at a tacky restaurant at one point. What does that have to do with her current ability to feed and clothe her child? So she's had sex with (at least) two different men and borne their children. What does that have to do with her ability to love said children?

I can't help but wonder if the very idea of motherhood isn't fraught for so many women because being a mom is viewed as being good, clean, pure. And if you're not, if you, say, dabbled in some pot in high school or wore teeny weeny skirts and showed off your tatas at a breastaurant to put yourself through college, then how could you possibly be up for the "most important job in the world"?

Well, because no matter what a guy like Pauly D thinks of mothers, women don't come into this world with the sole purpose of being them.

We are people first and foremost. People who do awesome things. People who do terrible things.

People who make mistakes. People who change and grow and can be whores in the bedroom and Madonnas in the nursery.

So Amanda Markert has two kids from two different guys. So she once got paid to wear skimpy clothing and serve dudes wings while they leered at her chest. 

So she and Pauly D had to go get a DNA test to confirm that, yes, he is Amabella's dad.

Stop any mother on the street and ask her for a dirty story from her past, and if she's willing to share, I'm sure it will be a doozy.

What matter isn't what happened then but what happens now. Does she get up in the middle of the night to pace the floor with a feverish infant in her arms, singing lullabies? Does she open her purse to find crushed Cheerio crumbs and stubs of crayons at the bottom? Does she love with all her heart?

That's what really makes a good mom, folks.

Have you been unfairly judged as a mom? What happened?


Image via Arthur Mola/Corbis

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