Rachel Zoe’s Pregnancy Craving Confession Is Too Ridiculous to Believe

rachel zoeWhen you think of Rachel Zoe, there is one thing that NEVER comes to mind. Fashion, yes. A huge celeb following, yes. Food (and by that I mean eating it). No. The woman has always been frighteningly thin. I can tell you how many times I've watched her on The Rachel Zoe Project and tried to will her to eat a sandwich. Hell, I'd settle for seeing her munch on a single French fry. Of course, she never did. So I guess I shouldn't be too surprised by her recent comments about pregnancy cravings -- yet, I am.


During a recent interview with Us Weekly, the pregnant celeb stylist admitted that she hasn't had one pregnancy craving. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Apparently, this pregnant woman cannot be enticed by a whiff of a glazed donut, the aroma of freshly fried cheese sticks, or even a colorful and tangy array of gummy bears. And it was even that way during her first pregnancy.

"I didn't have [cravings] in my last one and I just don't have that," she said. I am pretty sure that 99.8 percent of all pregnant woman absolutely cannot relate to this woman. This actually seems a bit absurd. Perhaps the reason she doesn't crave anything while pregnant is because her carb-starved body doesn't remember what anything tastes like.

I know she works in an industry where being thin is a must. So I can't help but feel that that unrealistic standard is still on her mind, even now. But this is the time when she should let loose and have a pretzel or something. Every pregnant woman is entitled to at least one brownie, Rachel. Though perhaps she is that rare pregnant woman who has no desire to snack on potato chips or even a Jolly Rancher once in awhile. But my advice to her is, if a craving actually does hit, please give into it. Even just one bite. One crumb!

What were your pregnancy cravings? Do you know anyone who didn't crave one thing?

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