Beyonce Shares Sweet New Photo of Blue Ivy All Moms Will Love (PHOTO)

jayz blue ivyBeyonce has shared the sweetest mom and baby photo on Tumblr! It's really a photo that all parents can relate to because of its simplicity. A playful moment between a mom and her baby girl. In this case the baby girl is the adorable Blue Ivy and mom happens to be a super star. And that's part of why this photo is so precious. No fanfare. Just the two of them innocently peeking out over the white hammock they are sitting in. And it will make your heart melt ... because, it's perfect.


Our lives are so busy that stealing moments like these, whether you are famous or not, are so special. These are the quiet moments we will look back on and miss when our kids are all grown up and running out the door.

And so, though we are often critical of celebrities because they have the money to go overboard — and that's something most of us can't relate to, when you see a picture like this is reminds us that Beyonce, with all of her celebrity, is also, quite simply, a mom.

blue ivy


Do you have photos like this of you and your little one? Have you managed to print them out and frame them?


Images via; I Am Beyonce/Tumblr

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