Motherhood Took Holly Madison By Surprise

holly madisonNew mom Holly Madison was recently asked to name something she found out was "harder than it looks" about motherhood, and I'll give you just one guess as to what you think she said. If you said "sleep," you're wrong. Way off. Because even though getting no sleep from having a baby is rough (very rough), everybody knows that isn't the hardest thing about parenthood.

Holly said:


"Definitely finding time to do anything else when you’re a mom other than taking care of the baby. I knew it would be hard, but it’s harder than I thought."

True story, Holly. True. Story. Hands down, finding time for myself -- not with my husband; not with my friends -- myself, is one of the hardest things to do since I've become a mother. And from talking to friends and colleagues, it certainly doesn't sound like I'm alone.

Like any mother, hanging out with my child is my favorite thing to do. I'd rather be with her than anyone in the world. Hand to God. But sometimes? I just need a break. From everyone. On the very rare days that I can get a pedicure or go to the gym for a half hour and take a shower, I feel like a new woman; a better mom, wife, and person. I wouldn't want every day to be like that, as I very much enjoy being with my family (and had many, many years where it was all about me), but once in a while it really is just nice. And it's important.

So, Holly. You're not alone. Having no time to yourself really is one of the hardest things about becoming a parent (though the sleep thing can be pretty insane, too). But it's important we make sure, every once in a while, we carve out some time just for ourselves. In fact, if you want to try to go get our nails done later on, I'll see if I can make arrangements. Call me.

Do you find it hard to find time for yourself -- just yourself -- since becoming a parent?


Image via Anthony Sambuco/Corbis

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