Ivanka Trump's Baby Name Choice Sure Sets Him Up to Become a Mogul Someday

ivanka trump babyA lot of thought goes into what we name our kids. Even the kids who are named Nova and Sunshine and Django and Maddox and any name another person may consider weird. I'm sure Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin spent hours deciding on Apple and Moses. But they have tons of money so they don't have to worry about what their kids will become with those names. Not that I believe in that. An Apple could become President. But some people are really anti-unusual names. But an unusual name now may actually be a common name years from now. Still, I think all of this is why Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump chose the name they did for their newborn son.

Have you heard the name? It's as tame as Donald.


His name is Joseph Frederick Kushner.

I see dollar signs. That is a mega millionaire name and I don't mean of the kind that plays the lotto and wins. I mean self-made. Mogul. Business tycoon. Financial success. Maybe this kid will help with the debt ceiling someday.

There is reason behind the name choice. He's named after his parents' paternal grandfathers. Ivanka's grandfather's name was Frederick and Jared's granddad's name was Joseph.

Ivanka shared:

Jared’s grandfather, Joseph, was a rock. His indomitable spirit, his sense of family, and his work ethic are the values we hope to hand down to our son. My grandfather, Frederick, was a builder not just of tens of thousands of homes throughout this city, but of a tight-knit family that honors to this day the traditions he established. Both men set the standards that have been passed down through the generations and which we hope to impart upon Joseph and Arabella. We are honored to name our son after these two distinguished men. We feel so blessed with the newest member of the family!

So very sweet. I love the name. It has meaning for the family. I love it as much as Apple. I love it because they love it. And I don't love tearing down kids' names. And my guess for Arabella ... model, like grandma. 

What do you think of the name Joseph Frederick? What were the factors that went into choosing your child's name?


Image via Ivanka Trump Tumblr

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