Alec Baldwin’s Baby Sounds Like a Hot-Head Just Like You-Know-Who

alec baldwinI don't know about you, but lately I've been curious about how life with Alec, Hilaria, and baby Carmen Baldwin has been going. Is Alec every bit as cute with the new baby as his 30 Rock character Jack Donaghy was his baby, Liddy? He's not spilling, but in a recent interview, Hilaria Baldwin spilled a few gems on life as the mother of Baldwinspawn. She's loving it! And it sounds like that baby takes after her daddy in a big way.


"We're still learning about what kind of baby she is," Hilaria says. "I think she is bossy ... both Alec and I have a very strong opinion about things and I think she definitely has that personality trait." Well that's no surprise! Good thing Hilaria has a strong personality, too. She'd need it to make it work with Alec. So I guess Carmen takes after both of her parents, though we've definitely seen Alec's bossy side more than Hilaria's.

You'd think having three bossy people under one roof would be a huge challenge. Hilaria gives a hint about how she manages that.

To me, the biggest challenge is that you start to worry as soon as you have a baby. I want her to be happy and a lot of it is realizing you're not in control of everything. You can only do your very best and a lot of it is letting go. It's scary how fast they change. It's incredible, because she's still such a little baby who just turned one month, but I still think to myself, 'Oh, she's growing up so fast!' People say that you blink and all of a sudden your kid is 18 and going off to college, so I'm trying to enjoy every single moment.

Hilaria is so right -- you can't be in control of everything. Including Alec! Just kidding. But I wonder if Hilaria learned that bit of wisdom from living with Alec? He does have a tendency to throw the occasional tantrum, and there's nothing Hilaria can do about that. They can do yoga together, which probably helps. But in the end, Hilaria has to let Alec be Alec. That must be excellent preparation for motherhood.

She's right about staying in the moment and enjoying her baby, too. Can't wait to see how much Carmen takes after both of her parents.

Did your relationship with your significant other prepare you for life as a new mom?


Image via Christy Bowe/Corbis

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