Kate Winslet's Pregnancy Craving Is Just Plain Weird

Kate WinsletAfter hearing celeb mom Kate Winslet share her pregnancy craving, I couldn't help but nod my head and chuckle a little bit. She turned up on the red carpet in London for the premiere of her new flick, Labor Day. It's clear that having a bun in the oven definitely agrees with her -- even though she joked that she might wet herself if she happened to sneeze, something every pregnant woman can totally relate to.

Ok, back to what she can't get enough of these days. No, Kate isn't indulging in pickles and ice cream or gorging on entire pans of brownies covered in Velveeta or anything gross like that.


Instead, Kate's craving orange juice. Yep. Orange juice. As in OJ. As in could her pregnancy craving possibly get any more boring to the point that you can't even really consider it a craving at all?!?

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Even she admits that she wishes she had an urge to devour something strange -- and I know exactly what she means. When I was expecting my son, all I wanted was bagels and cream cheese with a slice of tomato. I ate them at least three times a day, but obviously there's nothing remotely strange about bagels and cream cheese.

From the time I was a little kid, I remembered hearing about how I'd wind up eating all sorts of ridiculous things when I finally became pregnant one day. Then I was there and was perfectly content with a piece of bread shaped like a doughnut. And I always thought maybe there was something wrong with me, like I was weird for not craving anything weird, you know?

Sigh. If you can't chow down on all sorts of bizarre combinations during pregnancy without getting odd looks from those around you -- when can you?!? 

Oh well. Kate still has time for the quirky stuff to kick in, so I guess there's still hope. But maybe since this is her third pregnancy, she's perfectly content sucking back orange juice. If nothing else, it should make shedding the baby weight much easier than if she were stuffing her face with junk food.

Have you had any strange cravings during your pregnancy?


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