Ivanka Trump Gives Birth to a Gorgeous Baby Boy

Congratulations to Ivanka Trump, who announced on Twitter this morning that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy! What fantastic news -- now she and husband Jared Kushner can add an adorable dose of boy to their already cute family, which includes 2-year-old daughter Arabella Rose. And now the next logical question: what have they named their newest bundle of joy? 


Answer: we have no idea -- yet!

The savvy and smart real estate businesswoman, who is the daughter of Donald and Ivana Trump, announced her pregnancy in April but managed to keep the gender of her baby a total secret. Not an easy feat when the media is hounding you, I bet. And I'm guessing the only reason she announced Arabella's name so quickly was because her dad accidentally spilled the news about it before she had a chance. 

But while we wait to hear more name news, let's have a little fun and try to guess what Ivanka will name her little boy. Based on her daughter's name -- which I adore -- I'm thinking she's partial to good, old-fashioned classic, slightly romantic names. So here are my best guesses: 










What do you think Ivanka will name her baby boy? 


Image via Jason Hutchens/Flickr

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