Model's Boyfriend Caught Driving With Their 17-Month-Old in His Lap (PHOTOS)

Noah Mazur

In what has to be one of the stupidest and biggest parenting fails we've seen in a long time, Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio's boyfriend, Jamie Mazur, drove with their 17-month-old son Noah in his lap. It's impossible not to wonder what in the hell he was thinking. (Clearly he wasn't. At all.)

And I know what's going through your head. You're looking at this photo and thinking, "Oh please, it was probably taken in their driveway and the poor dad was just having a little harmless fun."



Check out this shot, taken from a bit farther away.

Noah Mazur

Yep. They're cruising down the middle of the road in their Brentwood, California neighborhood, all right.

Uhhhhh, are you kidding me?

I guess I really shouldn't be all that shocked by this one, since I've seen a parent or two do it in my own neighborhood as well. But most of them keep their kids strapped in the car seat until they pull into our development, and then they take them out and let them "drive" home the rest of the way. And even though I'd never do it, you know, because it's really irresponsible and unsafe, I guess they just figure there's really no harm being done since the speed limit up here isn't too high.

I'm guessing that's what was going through Jamie's mind too, and he probably thought the little joyride would be fun for Noah, so he figured it couldn't hurt. But he's still out on the road with his toddler IN HIS FREAKIN' LAP -- which could prove to be catastrophic if he were to suddenly lose control or get hit from behind, etc.

Accidents can happen anywhere -- even when we're right in the general vicinity of our own homes. That's why our kids need to be properly restrained in their car seats at all times, NO exceptions.

Sure, it's tempting at times and can be pretty cute to let them sit in our laps in the driver's seat like that, but is having a fun moment really worth the risk? None of us would ever forgive ourselves if something happened to our little ones because we had a momentary lapse in judgment, and I'm sure the case is the same for this dude.

Call me crazy, but something tells me the next time we see Noah behind the wheel, he'll have a valid driver's license in his wallet. There's nothing quite like getting caught red-handed to make a parent realize what a huge mistake they've made.

Have you ever driven with your child on your lap?


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