Gisele Bundchen Takes 'Mommy & Me' Photo Every Parent Should Have (PHOTO)

gisele bundchenWe all know that Gisele Bundchen just cannot take a bad picture. She's a model -- a very gorgeous model, so that's a given. But we all know she can say things that people do not like. Whatever. I happen to really like her. She's a supermodel and seems to be supermom as well. She also took one of the most incredible photos I've seen of a mom and child. It's precious. It's frame-worthy. It's the photo that should end up on the family holiday card. And she didn't even take it -- a paparazzi did. 

We should all try to take the same kind of photo. Just look ....



I mean .... Gisele needs to print this beauty and hang it on the wall. Her and son Benjamin are both in grey. His cute little smile, holding onto mommy's neck. That hair on Gisele with those perfect easy-going waves. It doesn't get any cuter or sweeter than this.

There are many photos every mom needs in her collection and this is definitely one of them. But when mom is the one who has the camera, it's hard to get yourself in the frame. Ask your partner. Ask a friend. Ask a stranger on the street. Get a photo just like this for your photo album. It's one that you and your kid will treasure forever. If only I can figure out how to get my hair to look like that ....

Do you have a photo like this with your child? Do you have enough photos of you and your kids together; or mostly just of the kids?


Image via Gabriel Marchi/Flickr; Splash

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