Kailyn Lowry Makes Sure Isaac Knows Who His 'Real' Dad Is

kailyn lowryLast we saw of Kailyn Lowry and Jo Rivera on MTV, things were not so hotso. Kaitlyn was talking about moving with Javi and Isaac far, far away, and Jo was talking about taking her to court. But fast-forward to right now and things are just dandy between Kailyn and her ex. They don't exactly live a stone's throw away from one another, but Kailyn and Javi are in Delaware with Isaac most of the time, and Jo is a few states away in New Jersey. And despite Isaac spending a lot of time with Javi, he knows exactly who is "real" dad is. And that's nice.


When a concerned fan asked Kailyn if her son thought Javi had replaced Jo, she tweeted: "lol. That's crazy. Isaac knows who his dad is. Javi's a GREAT step dad & father figure when Jo's not around."

We all know Kailyn is the most mature and responsible of all the Teen Moms, but I've gotta say, she's got something down pat that many people twice her age don't: Treating her ex with respect in front of her child.

Sure, Kailyn and Jo had their ups and downs, and it wasn't always sunshine and roses with them. But it's nice to know that she's making sure her son knows where he comes from exactly; and that she's not trying to replace his dad with the person she's in love with now. And beyond that being mature, that's good parenting.

Kailyn, we love you 'round these parts. And I don't think there's a doubt in anyone's mind that you're going to make a great mom to your little one who's on the way. Other TMs, take note, please.

Do you and your ex have a good relationship?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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