Josh Duhamel Shows Off Cutest 'Daddy & Me' Photo You'll See All Week (PHOTO)

josh duhamelI'm going to tease you with just a snippet of a photo of Josh Duhamel snuggled with his baby Axl. I present to you ... the Josh part of the photo. Let's take this part in for a moment. Gosh Fergie is one lucky lady. I love the soft focus. The eyes staring out at me. The messy hair. But there is so much more cuteness in this photo going on. it rivals any baby snuggling with animal photo because here it's baby snuggling with Daddy and Daddy happens to be Josh Duhamel who I've honestly never seen looking better than he is in this photo right here. He's 40 by the way. Looking fabulous. Baby Axl is just 1 month old.

Fatherhood has done wonders for this man. Time to take the whole photo in ....


Josh Duhamel baby axl


"Gonna catch some football with my little guy today," Josh wrote on Instagram. Not sure where to look in this photo. Baby Axl. Josh Duhamel. Back at baby Axl. Back at Josh Duhamel. Back to Axl. They are even both cozied up in red -- Josh in that red and white striped shirt and Axl in his little red bundle. But while Josh has those sexy bedroom eyes, baby Axl looks alert, but totally ready for a good Daddy snuggle. Love the little hair fuzz Axl is sporting. Cuteness overload.

Josh and Fergie have shared quite a few photos of their little one with the public. Axl has been spotted wearing headphones, a Sons of Anarchy hat, and even a very first days photo of him all wrapped up in a hospital blanket. He's one cool little kid with super cool parents. I don't know about you, but I can already see a daddy son resemblance.

How cute is this photo? Do you share lots of photos of your kids on social media sites, too?


Image via Instagram/Josh Duhamel

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