Sandra Bullock's 3-Year-Old Son Louis Makes Me Feel Like a Total Failure

sandra bullock louisCelebrities are seemingly perfect with not a hair out of place and clothes (and faces) that are never wrinkled. Even the celebrity moms. Like Sandra Bullock. Who I love, but now envy because her 3-year-old son Louis is potty-trained -- fully potty-trained that is. No pee accidents, no streams of golden yellow flowing down the leg, no soaking wet bed sheets, and no poopy underwear to clean.

I can't help but look at my almost 4-year-old who isn't fully potty trained and think, Why, son, why?


I know kids hit those milestones at their own pace. I have twins and am very aware of that, but I'm not going to fib and say I've never compared my kids. I've worried about a zillion things in their almost four years of existence and have often thought, One kid is doing this, why isn't the other one? What is wrong? Where have I failed?

I know it supposedly takes boys longer to get this potty thing down -- though the moms who have told me that are a little smug and have daughters. What has Sandra done that I haven't done? How is it fair that she has the money, the fame, the beautiful house, the ability to travel the world, and a kid that is potty-trained at 3? (Insert whiny voice here) Why why why?

Truth be told, I don't want Sandy's life. Or her kid (though my gosh he's cute). I'm very very happy with mine. Even my not yet fully potty-trained son. I'm just tired of the diapers. Tired of the wet sheets. Tired of the just washed the poo out of underwears that decorate my shower.

But if there's one thing I learned about parenting, it's that just when you become so fed up with something, it changes! Maybe just writing this will give me some of that Bullock magic. A mom can dream.

And if the fact that Louis is fully potty trained so soon doesn't faze you (because your kid was potty trained at 2, you overachiever!), maybe the fact that Louis gets to hang out with George Clooney will. George says they have boy bonding time. Sheesh. Rub it in our faces why don't you?

When was your kid potty-trained or are you still working on it like me?


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