Farrah Abraham Slammed for Being 'Just a Single Mom' by 'Just a Stupid Doctor'

farrah abrahamFull disclosure: Before I go about defending Farrah Abraham, I should mention that I'm not a huge Teen Mom fan, so I don't know all that much about the girl, apart from the basics: 1) Something about a sex tape 2) lots of plastic surgery. It's that second one -- the thing about the plastic surgery -- that's landed Abraham in the news today. Apparently the reality star recently had her chin implant removed, which must be making her plastic surgeon feel a tad defensive, because the dude said something that sounds almost nice, but is actually pretty nasty: “Farrah’s a nice girl ... she gets a lot of stuff, but she’s not a monster. She’s just a single mom trying to be famous! Farrah says she’s going to do a new show and go back to school. She’s doing great.”

I'm sorry, what was that?? She's "just a single mom trying to be famous," eh? 


See, here's the problem. Yes, Farrah Abraham is a single mom, and yes, she's clearly trying to be famous. (Although doesn't she pretty much have that covered already?) But what does one have to do with the other? 

I realize that the doctor's statement probably seems like an innocuous, throwaway comment -- except it's NOT. At all. And, as a single mom, I can tell you exactly why: "Just a single mom trying to be famous" implies that the status of "single mom" is one of both limitations and desperation. Now, to be fair, I think that most single moms do, at times, feel limited and/or desperate -- but these emotions do not, for most, translate to extreme attention-seeking behavior. Way to reductively and insensitively alienate a huge portion of the population, plastic surgeon guy.

Do you think it's fair to say that Farrah Abraham is just a single mom trying to be famous?


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