Ivanka Trump Is Keeping Baby #2's Gender a Secret

In addition to her regular job as the Executive Vice President of the Trump empire and designer of her own fashion line, Ivanka Trump has been busy recently baking baby number two and looking gorgeous on the cover of Fit Pregnancy.

In an interview with the magazine, she admitted that even though she knows the baby’s gender, it’s a secret she’s not going to share.


“I’m superstitious,” she shares. “I don’t like to tell people, but I don’t have the discipline to keep it a surprise. There are so many variables in motherhood that, those I can control, I like to.” 

I can’t blame the chick. She’s basically been in the spotlight her entire life, thanks to her famous mogul dad, so having this one very important, private secret must be nice. Heck, I’m not even famous, but when I was pregnant with my second daughter, my husband and I kept her name a secret. I totally get it.

One person that is probably the most eager to find out is soon-to-be big sister Arabella (2), who is apparently “impatient” to meet her new little brother or sister.

“She’s really excited and borderline impatient at this point because I started talking about it around six to seven months and she hasn’t waited that long for anything in her life,” Trump says. “So she asks me now, every morning, [if the baby's coming]. I think she’s starting to mistrust me in the sense that her sibling is actually going to be arriving.”

Did you keep your baby’s gender a secret?

Image via Splash News

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