Farrah Abraham Is, Like, the Best 'School Mom' Ever

farrah abrahaAt this point it feels like I should have a daily column called "Farrah Abraham Sez" because the Teen Mom seems to drop fresh crazy out into the universe on a daily basis. One minute she's getting her lady-bits covered in plastic, the next she's taking her 4-year-old daughter Sophia to therapy. It must be tough to be Farrah -- or Sophia, for that matter!

You'd never know it if you follow Farrah on Twitter. She recently shared that, while working as a parent monitor during recess, she found out that she's everyone's "favorite" parent. Oh my god, Farrah -- "favorite" and "notorious" are two very different words with two very different meanings. 


Sofia might think it's nice now to have her friends swarming her popular mom, but that's not going to last. Once the kids learn just why Farrah's so famous, Sophia is in for attention of the negative kind. It won't be pretty. I don't think Farrah's given much thought to the downside of being the "favorite" parent. 

If the school itself begins signaling out Sophia for special attention, that's bound to incur the wrath of other parents. If I was a parent at Sophia's school and I felt my kid was being overlooked for their "favorite," I'd have a real problem with that. The extra attention might not be the best for Sophia either. Rather than be recognized for her own work, she'll be praised for her mom's celebrity. That does no one any favors. 

Is Farrah doing Sophia more harm than good?


Image via Instagram

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