'Today' Show Correspondent Does Public Breastfeeding Experiment & Gets Surprising Reactions (VIDEO)

Jenna Wolfe

After giving birth to her daughter Harper five weeks ago, Today correspondent Jenna Wolfe decided to breastfeed her in public in various places with a hidden camera in tow -- simply for the sake of seeing how people reacted to it.

She visited a bunch of different venues in New York City, including the Plaza Hotel, FAO Schwartz, an upscale department store, and also the Apple Store. The results of her little experiment were actually pretty surprising.


Take a look at this video to see what happened when Jenna put public breastfeeding to the test.

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Wow. Isn't it amazing how no one really seemed to care, let alone notice that she was breastfeeding her baby right there in plain sight? With how many stories you hear these days about moms who have been shamed for nursing without a cover, it wouldn't have been a shock if Jenna had been approached by people telling her to move to another location to feed her child.

And yes, I know the Apple Store employee did ask her if she wanted to move to a more private area, but she almost seemed to be offering Jenna assistance in case she was uncomfortable breastfeeding right there in the middle of the store. She didn't seem to be bothered by what was going on, just concerned -- or at least that's how I perceived her tone to be.

Even though Jenna was initially a little bit nervous about breastfeeding in the open in all those different places, maybe seeing this footage will offer hope and come as a relief to other breastfeeding moms who want to be able to nurse wherever and whenever they please without worrying about what other people will think. If nobody bothered Jenna, maybe the "issue" of breastfeeding in public really isn't as big of a deal to the majority of the population as we think, which is definitely a step in the right direction for moms.

What kind of reactions do you usually get from people when you breastfeed in public?


Image via Today

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