Kailyn Lowry's Love for Her Son Is Something We'll Never Understand

kailyn lowry isaacAbout 80 percent of Twitter is nothing but Velveeta cheez and blather, but every once in a while, someone actually says something deep and true and beautiful. A couple days ago, Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry tweeted something many of us parents can relate to: "No one understands the love I have for this little boy," she wrote for the caption to a photo of her son, Isaac. And there's the little guy, looking adorable in a suit. Such a sweet message -- so strangely lonely, and yet, I can relate to what she's saying.


Parents kind of do understand the love Kailyn has for Isaac because most of us have an intense love for our own children, that love that overwhelms you sometimes, that's unlike the love you have for anyone else. Of course we know that love. We feel it every day.

And yet, every parent's love for their child is unique. We may relate to the intensity of Kailyn's love for Isaac, but we can never know it completely. For every child, you have a distinct kind of love that only you know. Maybe that's what Kailyn is saying. That love is hers alone, something shared just between her and Isaac.

The love Kailyn will have for her future baby will be different, too. She won't love that baby the same way she loves Isaac because they're two different people. But I'll bet she'll love that baby just as much. 

Do you ever feel this way about your children?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Twitter

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