Jenelle Evans Is Crazy to Think She Can Prevent Teen Pregnancy

jenelle evans instagramFor her relationship/custody/drug drama and more, Jenelle Evans is, in a word, infamous. But the Teen Mom 2 star apparently still believes she can be a role model for teens. She tweeted yesterday, "Wow! I got a lot of school appearances booked already! Can't wait to talk about Teen Pregnancy Prevention!"

Hrmmm, really? Jenelle Evans is going to school young, impressionable minds about steering clear of the path she took? Which lead her to MTV fame (or infamy, to be more specific, but still, I'm sure lots o' kids these days don't really care about the differentiation)? That said, I'm not seeing how any Teen Mom reality star -- or anyone who has become a "star" by having a teen pregnancy -- is the best person to get through to teens. But of all of 'em, Jenelle seems like the least likely.


Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but let's look at the facts: Jenelle doesn't have custody of her son, her mother Barbara does. She's battled drug addiction, has gone to jail and rehab, and has an estranged husband named Courtland but is currently in a relationship with New Guy Nathan. As far as we can tell, she hasn't had some huge turnaround and started living a completely upstanding, clean, mature adult existence just yet. So what makes her a good candidate to counsel teens on ... anything? Let alone the fact that it kiiiinda looks hypocritical, or at least nonsensical, for her or anyone in her position to tell them to not get pregnant when getting pregnant was what helped make her a celebrity.

Despite all of this, I appreciate that she's attempting to use her notoriety to accomplish something positive -- hopefully encouraging teens to use various forms of birth control, including but not limited to abstinence. Because if her "teen pregnancy prevention" talk is actually a completely unrealistic, moralistic scientifically proven-ineffective spiel on just saying "no" to sex, then it's an even bigger joke than it sounds.

How do you feel about Jenelle Evans preachin' to teens about teen pregnancy prevention?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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