Halle Berry Keeps the Sexy in Her Maternity Wear by Flaunting Black Lace Bra (PHOTO)

halle berryFall is here and we are expecting cooler temps, walking on crunchy fallen leaves, and Halle Berry's baby boy any day now. That baby bump is absolutely amazing and beautiful. I love that Halle went bold with a blue and white striped maxi dress that hugs her belly and flaunts a deep-V neckline and long shoulder holes, which exposes a very sexy black lace bra.

Not only is Halle wearing pregnancy well, she's showing off how motherhood and having baby number 2 at 46 years of age is fantastically possible.


Sure, she's Halle Berry -- only one of the world's most beautiful women blessed with beautiful bone structure and a Bond girl body. But she still puts one foot in front of the other just like the rest of us. She enjoys smoothies from Jamba Juice just like the rest of us. She takes her daughter Nahla to American Girl just like the rest of us do for our own daughters. Even if it isn't American Girl but rather some less expensive American Girl knock-off ... like I do with my daughter because ... I'm not Halle Berry.

Halle Berry puts on a black lace bra just like so many of us do ... and she's going to show that bra off damnit, because it's sexy and confident and hey, this dress hangs too low and who can be bothered putting a bulky tank top under it. Show off the lace bra! Why not?

Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and we should show love to each and every one. We fluctuate in size before, during, and after pregnancy, and if we want to show off our curves (or our bras) in every stage of their curvy-ness, then we should. We can be sexy and a size 2, sexy and a size 12, sexy and in our third trimester of pregnancy, and sexy in our fourth trimester post-baby body.

Flaunt it, Halle! Pregnant mamas, flaunt it, too!

What do you think of Halle's maternity look?


Image via Splash

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