Britney Spears Breaks #1 Rule of Co-Parenting

Britney Spears sonBritney Spears has a new Vegas show, and she had been telling folks that her 8-year-old son, Sean Preston, would likely be making appearances onstage. Only it seems Britney never checked in with ex-husband Kevin Federline on that one.

Eek! Doesn't Britney know this is one of the cardinal rules of co-parenting? When a kid is going to go out in public, especially THAT public, the two parents have to agree.


K-Fed, who shares joint custody of the couple's two sons, has apparently put his foot down on Sean Preston making appearances during Britney's show. And you know what folks? That's his right to do as a dad.

I'd even venture out and call K-Fed a good dad for sticking up for his kid. Never thought you'd see that day, did you?

It's not that I'm calling Britney a bad mom here, but I do think people need to be aware of what goes on when your kids go public. As a blogger, I think about it every day, and my husband and I have had numerous conversations about what I'll share and what I won't.

We both weigh in, and we both have a say. If he tells me he isn't comfortable with something, I back off. When Good Morning America said they were coming to my house last week for an interview with my daughter and me, if my husband had said "no," I would have called them up and canceled (he didn't, and my daughter proudly went to school on Monday bragging that she was on TV over the weekend).

When your kid goes out into an uber public arena, there are risks, especially in our digital world where people have on compunction about jumping on the Internet to spout off -- often cruelly -- about kids. The Federline children already have enough to deal with as the children of an incredibly famous woman. Keeping them off that stage may be the only way K-Fed sees to keep his kids' childhoods intact. For that, I can't blame him. 

What would you do in Britney's position? Would you take the dad's feelings into account or can one parent make a decision like this alone?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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