5-Year-Old Gets Excused From School by President Obama (PHOTO)

President Obama excuse noteI don't care what your political beliefs are or whether you're a fan of the president or not. This photo of President Obama writing a note to excuse a 5-year-old little girl from school while she was visiting the White House is pretty darn precious.

Alanah Pouillard and her family were invited to the White House as part of the Wounded Warrior Project, as her mother is a member of our military and was hurt in Afghanistan last year.

Having the opportunity to meet the President was enough of a thrill for this little girl, but can you imagine how she must have felt taking that note back to show her teacher to explain why she wasn't in kindergarten that day? (Something tells me the school won't count this as an unexcused absence.)


In addition to writing her daughter an excuse note, Alanah's mother says that when President Obama came into the room, Alanah immediately ran over and "threw her arms around his neck and gave him a hug and a kiss." That alone tells you what an exciting day this was for her.

Again, all political shiz aside, it's hard not to find this gesture sweet and adorable -- though it's tough to imagine the Pres refusing to make time for a small child in a situation like this. (Um, how would that look?)

No matter who the Commander in Chief is, sometimes it's easy to forget that he's a human being and father (you know, like a real person). It's nice when he does something unexpected and we get to witness a rare moment like this. 

That little girl is going to remember that day for the rest of her life, as will her mother, who must've been beaming with happiness and pride after seeing her child have one-on-one interaction with the President. (How many moms can say their kid has done that?)

What do you think of President Obama's gesture?


Image via White House

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