Giuliana Rancic Is Planning for Baby #2

Giuliana RancicIt's only been a little over a year since Giuliana Rancic and husband Bill welcomed baby Duke. But the couple, who used a surrogate because of fertility issues and the fact that Giuliana was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, are already planning baby Rancic number two -- and three! Bill told Life & Style magazine:

We’ve got our gestational carrier, who carried Duke -- she’s on board! Having a brother or sister in the house is definitely in the future for Duke.

But that's not all. As soon as Giuliana is done with her cancer treatment, they want to try for a baby the "natural" way.


Bill spilled:

Of course, we'd try for a baby on our own. That's something Giuliana would love.

There's certainly a lot of people who argue for having babies close together -- one reason being that you get all of the sleepless nights and other taxing baby care out of the way in one long (loooooong) haul.

But with Giuliana apparently still undergoing treatment, this could definitely be quite a lot on their plate, having two kids under 2. However, the couple, who are still madly in love after six years of marriage, can handle it, I'm sure.

The pair were lucky to find such a great surrogate. I imagine once you find one of those that works, you do NOT shop around! This isn't like finding the best deal on tires.

Despite the fact that Giuliana made the horrifying (??!!) admission that her marriage comes before Duke, it's no secret how much Giuliana and Bill wanted baby number one. So it would be fabulous for them to have more. It's pretty brave of Giuliana to go through with her plans for motherhood despite her serious health issues. But, hey, you never know what this life is going to throw at you. You just have to live your life, and do what you want, and hope for the best. As Giuliana put it on Today:

This was the best year of my life because of the baby and it was the worst year of my life because of the breast cancer. But it just goes to show that if you’re strong and you’re positive, great things can come out of the darkest time in your life.

Indeed, indeed. That's the way this crazy life can be. Best wishes to both.

Did you have babies close together?


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