Heather Morris Is Already Putting Her Baby Before 'Glee' (VIDEOS)

Heather MorrisSome very sad news for Brittany S. Pierce/Heather Morris fans: Reportedly, Heather won't returning as Brittany for the fifth season of Glee. Though originally it seemed that Heather would come back during the second half, even for a cameo or something, it appears that she would rather spend time with her baby instead, who is due in September.

Obviously that is a fantastic, sensible, honorable reason not to return to Glee. But fans will really, truly miss her! Especially her amazing, sexy dance moves and hilariously ditzy one-liners.

On September 17, a fan apparently asked Glee's content creator if we'd ever see Brit again. She replied, "Nothing is ever definite with glee but i don't believe she's coming back this season." But not all is lost: She could be back for the sixth and most likely final season.


Considering it'd be tough to explain a pregnant Brittany on the show, she won't be present during the Cory Monteith tribute episode either. But it was a surprise that she won't be returning at all. Still, you have to give the actress props for having her priorities in line. Her pregnancy and new baby, with boyfriend Taylor Hubbell, should always come first, no matter what, and she should take advantage of every single moment they can spend together.

Now that her character is headed off for early admission to MIT, hopefully standing up for dolphins' rights (they're just gay sharks, after all) and keeping her cat from reading her diary, she may be able to come back to visit during the sixth season and surprise everyone with an awesome dance number or two. Maybe during the holidays -- or, more in tune with her character, spring break.

Also, it seems that the midseason finale of season 5 will air in November, and the show will pick up again in the spring of 2014 -- so who knows what could happen between then and now.

To bid her farewell (at least for season 5), check out a couple of our favorite Brittany moments from the last four seasons of Glee:

Here are eight full minutes of amazing highlights:

Brittany taking on Britney Spears's "Slave 4 U":

Will you miss Brittany on Glee? Think she'll be back for season 6?


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