Chelsea Houska's Daughter Wants to Know Where Babies Come From: 3 Things She Can Say

chelsea houskaIt's nothing short of a parenting rite of passage: Figuring out how to answer when your kid asks the dreaded, "Where do babies come from?" question. You know it's gonna happen sooner or later; all you can do is hope it's later -- say, around the time you're sending them off to college. Unfortunately for Teen Mom Chelsea Houska, it's happening right now. According to a recent tweet, Houska's 4-year-old daughter Aubree recently asked her mom, "How did you and my daddy make me?"


1. Use the correct terms for body parts. We know it feels weird to say "uterus" to a 4-year-old and you'd much rather go with a kid-friendly nickname like "tummy," but ultimately kids end up getting confused by these cutesy words ("I thought my tummy was where the mac and cheese goes!").

2. Explain the conception process simply but accurately. Start slow with details -- chances are kids will be satisfied with something sort of vague, like, "When a mommy and daddy want to make a baby, the daddy's sperm swims inside the mommy and finds a special egg ... " Don't feel like you necessarily have to say HOW the sperm gets inside the mommy in the first place.

3. Ditto for the birth process. Again, misleading phrases like "then the baby pops out of the mommy's tummy" can lead to serious confusion. (What, like a stripper popping out of a cake? Does mommy's tummy explode??) Try: "Then the baby travels down what's called a birth canal."

Look, someday you'll have to draw a more graphic picture (well, hopefully you won't actually DRAW A PICTURE, but you know what I mean), but in the meantime, these tips should help satisfy your little one's curiosity! (Fingers crossed.)

How did you tell your kid about the birds and the bees?


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