Kim Zolciak Shows Off Her Bare Belly in Bikini Photo

kim zolciak biermann bikini baby bunpWell look who's showing off her bare baby bump now. Real Housewife of Atlanta Kim Zolciak Biermann posted a bikini belly shot this weekend, and from the looks of things, those twin babies of hers are growing fast. Kim did a profile pose in a bikini, so you get the, ahem, "full effect." And if you ask me (not that you did, but it's my job to opine here so just go with it), I think Kim should become the new poster mom for taking pregnant belly selfies -- and for wearing a bikini while pregnant.

Some might say Kim's exposing herself too much here, especially with two teenage daughters. But I think it's swell ... Bwa ha ha! Okay, sorry, I'll stop with the puns. Seriously, though, doesn't she look gorgeous?


I mean, no reason to hide your light under a bushel. A big belly o'babies is a happy sight. Kim looks healthy and happy, and nothing says that like a selfie like this. And why not wear a bikini? I don't think pregnancy and bikinis are incompatible. If anything, pregnant women look more comfortable in a bikini rather than a one-piece or a tanktini.

I wish I'd taken more belly photos when I was pregnant. I don't think I ever took a single bare-belly picture, and now I can't even imagine why not. Now I see those photo series a lot of women take where they document their bellies every month by posing in the same outfit and position and wonder why I hadn't done the same thing. I think it would be so cool for my kid to see now! Well, someday Kim's twins will get to look at these pictures, and I bet they'll love them.

How do you feel about taking bare-belly photos during pregnancy?


Image via Kim Zolciak Biermann/Facebook

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