Suri Cruise May Have the Coolest Broken Arm Ever

Suri CruiseThere's nothing worse than seeing your child hurt -- however, chances are pretty good that at some point during your child's formative years, he or she will suffer a pretty bad boo-boo. Whether it's a sprained ankle, conked noggin', or broken bone, boo-boos -- I mean, INJURIES -- are par for the course. Children, thankfully, are pretty resilient. Like that time my sister knocked out my tooth -- and my other tooth -- and my other one -- I not only survived all incidents, but I love to tell the stories about how my little sister, a toddler at the time, managed to knock out not one, but three, of my baby teeth! Yes, we liked to play rough. So will Suri Cruise love to one day tell the tale about that time she broke her arm. Hey, Suri got to wear a pink cast. What is cooler than that? Almost worth breaking your arm for!


There's nothing like having a cool arm cast and all of your friends signing it. Alas, I never got to wear a cast. Not for lack of crazy kid shenanigans that surely should have left me with a fractured bone or two, but somehow did not. (The knocked-out teeth made up for it.)

Suri's cast had the sweetest message too. It read: "I Love You, Mom." Mom, as we know, is Katie Holmes. Katie confirmed weeks ago that Suri had broken her arm, but didn't offer up any details, leaving us to ponder how exactly Suri got such an owie. Jungle gym? Gymnastic lesson?

Perhaps one of Suri's messages on her old boring white plaster cast gives some hint. It said, "No butt smacking with this!"

Could Suri have injured her arm smacking someone's butt? Suri seems like a butt smacker, doesn't she? You'd have to smack pretty damn hard to break your arm, but have you seen Suri's epic temper tantrums? I could see this kid breaking a bone by butt smacking.

Anyway, who knows how it happened. The point is, signing your kid's cast gives you some way of making the owie go away -- there's really no way to take away your child's pain, but giving the ol' mom autograph on the boo-boo bandage surely helps the situation. No one could sign my knocked out baby teeth, and believe me, this still comes up in therapy.

Has your kid ever broken a bone?


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