'Bachelorette' Deanna Pappas Stagliano Reveals the Gender of Her Baby & It's Bittersweet

Deanna Stephen StaglianoShe's been over-the-moon ever since the news broke that she's expecting her first child with husband Stephen Stagliano, and now Deanna (Pappas) Stagliano has revealed the baby's gender!

Last week, she tweeted that "baby Stag" was not cooperating at her ultrasound appointment, and they weren't able to tell whether she's expecting a baby boy or girl.

But apparently her little one finally came around, and of course she couldn't wait to share the exciting news with her fans.

Are you ready? It's a ...



Deanna made the announcement on Friday, saying, "We couldn't wait...so we scheduled another ultrasound this afternoon......and we saw a........GIRL!!!! #BabyStag"

She also shared the cute photo above of her growing baby bump -- and it's obvious that she and Stephen are just thrilled!

We'd all be happy for her no matter what she's having, but it's just so sweet and special that she's having a baby girl. She admitted to Us Weekly that she's "been craving that 'mother, daughter' relationship."

In case you can't recall, Deanna's own mother passed away when she was just 12 years old from cancer. Her grief and sense of loss was apparent when she appeared on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It's just so wonderful to think that maybe this baby girl will help fill that void in some way. Maybe being a mom to a daughter will help her feel even more connected to her mother -- and remind her that a bond like that can never be broken, even from heaven.

Deanna is going to be such an amazing mom -- and I can't wait to hear what she and Stephen wind up calling their precious little girl after her arrival. (You know her name will be all sorts of adorable.)

What words of congrats would you offer to Deanna and Stephen?


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