Mario Lopez Live Tweeted His Wife's Labor & Delivery

Anyone who has given birth knows it can be a downright boring experience -- at least until things get really exciting.

Like a lot of dads, Mario Lopez was filled with excitement over the birth of his second child, Dominic. How do we know? He live tweeted throughout the birth -- and then went out for a few celebratory drinks.


The X Factor host provided a running record of his experience at the hospital, tweeting everything from common sentiments you'd expect to read ("The anticipation is killing me!") to photos of his wife in scrubs and his mother and mother-in-law -- also in scrubs. 

His tweets are clearly those of a dad who is excited, scared, and maybe just a little bored. But before you judge him for jumping on social media outlets when he should be suffering alongside his wife, consider this: labor can last a long, long time. And if his wife were anything like me, she welcomed the break from talking and feeling like every person in the room was a hired performer trying to entertain her. 

I am fine with Lopez's tweeting, just as I didn't think twice when my husband live tweeted throughout my own 18-hour labor. For one thing, he was scared out of his mind. He wisely didn't share with me all of the fears he had, which I later discovered were quite morbid, but tweeting them allowed him to de-stress -- and connect with other dads who could help quell his anxiety.

My husband even saved all of his tweets from that day and included them in a mini video he made of our daughter's first six months. When we read them back, we smile. They serve as a great reminder of how he was feeling at the time of her birth. I would give anything to be able to read my own dad's thoughts on the day I was born. 

As for Mario's final tweet of the night, when he declared, "I am in heaven right now...and in a bar," big whoop. My husband also had friends over to our place for drinks the night after our daughter was born. Know why? Because hospitals seldom provide cots so that fathers can sleep in the same room as new moms. If it were me, I would have gone out to a bar, too. 

How do you feel about Mario Lopez live tweeting the birth of his child? 

Image via Mario Lopez

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