Bethenny Frankel Shouldn't Revolve Her Life Around Her Daughter (VIDEO)

Bethenny Frankel has been brutally honest about how difficult her divorce has been -- and we wouldn't expect anything less of the straightforward former Housewife. She was just as forthcoming when she sat down to talk to her former boss, Bravo's Andy Cohen, on Watch What Happens Live! Saying that "fundamental differences" drove her and ex Jason Hoppy apart; and admitting that the two still live (uneasily) together for daughter Bryn's sake, she also said "I'm not entirely sure I believe in the fairytale anymore." Hmm. After four failed engagements and a prior failed marriage, you'd think Bethenny would have given up fairytale ideas awhile ago, but apparently it took Jason Hoppy to shatter them completely. But lo! Bethenny has another fairytale waiting in the wings: Her 3-year-old daughter Bryn. Fairytales die hard!


Bethenny told Andy:

Fairytales come in different packages. Having the most beautiful daughter in the world is mine, so is having the opportunity to connect to women.

Hmm. Tired of this word "fairytale" -- Bethenny, where are you getting this stuff? Oh right. Where we all get it. From books, movies, TV shows, magazines, etc.

Here's a little secret: Fairytales don't exist. Fairytales are something that guarantee a happy ending. If a story doesn't have a happy ending, then it's not a fairytale. It's a tragedy. Or tragicomedy.

Yet NOTHING in this life is guaranteed to have a happy ending -- or even bring us happiness for very long. Some things do, for sure. But even those of you married for decades, and still happily so, can't say you've been happy every single hour of it. If you do, then get your brain scanned, because there's something odd going on there. (Though you may not want to mess with a good thing.)

Children shouldn't be fairytales. You need to create your own happiness. Absolutely no one, not a spouse, parent, friend, or child, can hand it to you. People can contribute to your general frame of mind, but that's about all they can do. You are the author of your own "fairytale" (misleading word).

I doubt that Bethenny, who is a very active woman with a lot of interests, is truly looking to Bryn to supply her emotional fulfillment, but too many women do. That's a huge burden to a child. Trust me, I know. A child takes on the burden of trying to make a parent happy -- and they can't do it. And it's agony for them.

Life is just life. Good, bad, and everything in between. No guaranteed happy endings. But that's what makes it interesting, right?

Do you believe that your children can make you happy?

Image via Bravo

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