Lamar Odom’s Alleged Mistress Calls Khloe Names & Speaks Out About His Drug Use (VIDEO)

Polina PolonskyAnother day, another Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian headline. Only this time it involves Polina Polonsky, Odom's alleged mistress. Believe it or not, she had taken some time out of her day to discuss everything from Lamar's drug use to Khloe nearly knocking down her hotel room door in a fit of rage.

She basically said that, yes, Lamar has a problem with crack cocaine, no matter how much he denies it, and Khloe has some crazy anger issues. You'd think, with a problem as major as a crack cocaine addiction, Polonsky would let the guy try to get the help he needs instead of using his plight to further her own agenda. Sadly, that's not the world we live in today.

Giving an interview with TMZ a couple days ago, she calls Odom her "best friend," saying they did everything together while he was staying with her for six weeks. Oy. Obviously you're going to want to see this one for yourself.


Here you go:


We are all well aware that friends of the opposite sex do exist, but imagine being Khloe and knowing Polina and her (at the time, estranged?) husband are living together, doing everything together. And Polina describes Lamar as if he were a child at home, bored, needing to be entertained, while she went off to work. "Every single time I left the house in the morning ... I felt like I was leaving a toddler at home alone."

Being home alone and bored? Idle hands ... probably didn't help with his alleged drug problem. After some prodding, she says, "I absolutely did see some of it [Lamar using], but I can't imagine that anything was as bad as it is now," especially because of gaunt photos she's seen of him recently. Now who do we believe, since Lamar himself said that he has no drug problem (not like he'd come out with that major bomb to the paparazzi, but still).

Polina also described the incident when Khloe came knocking on her hotel door demanding a talk. She said Khloe looked like "an uncaged animal" and Lamar "wasn't sober" at the time.

And Polina basically believes that she was a better influence on Lamar than anyone else, including his own wife, and doesn't think it would have gotten out of control if he were still living with her. Since she believes that "controlled use of any controlled substance" is okay. Um, pardon me, but no use of crack cocaine can be considered "controlled." And she thinks she had a better handle on Lamar's drug habit? Sounds like all she was is an enabler. WTF, girl. This level of self-delusion is scary.

Such a hot mess all around. No wonder it's been so challenging for Lamar to get help when he's surrounded with people who can only think of their own fame and notoriety -- Khloe's too busy posting selfies and vague tweets while his alleged mistress is airing all their dirty laundry for lord knows how much money to TMZ. If any of this is true, it seems pretty clear now why Lamar has fallen as far as he has. Let's just hope the people in his life can finally put his well-being first (ha) so he can deal with his demons in private.

What do you think of Polina Polonsky's interview? Think there's an iota of truth to what she is saying?


Image via TMZ

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