Jenny McCarthy Shouldn't Have Introduced Her Boyfriend to Her Son -- Yet

Just months after gushing about how boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg turns her "fifty shades of red," The View co-host Jenny McCarthy has now bestowed upon him the ultimate compliment: the Blue Bloods star has won her 11-year-old son, Evan's, seal of approval

While she at least admits she needs more time with her new love before she can say for sure that he's absolute perfection, I cant help but wonder: isn't it too early for Wahlberg to meet her son? 


To be sure, let's review the details of the somewhat annoyingly hot duo's relationship thus far: 

Wahlberg appears on the former Playboy Bunny's VH1 talk show back in March, where the two make us all a little uncomfortable by engaging in racy pillow talk on air. McCarthy gets the ball rolling by asking, "Do you talk dirty while you're having sex?" Yes, yes, Jenny, he sure does.

The two consider their relationship "official" as of July 4.

On September 9, McCarthy made her debut on The View and asked Wahlberg to move up his scheduled appearance so he can join her and calm her nerves. Sweet, sure, but can you imagine ordinary working women pulling that crap in their professional lives? 

Anyway, it's apparent these two are hot for each other, and why shouldn't they be after just a few months of dating? It's very possible they have a supreme intellectual and spiritual connection, but you're still caught up in the throes of passion just two months in -- it's that time when you'll drop everything to spend five more minutes exploring the fascinating lines on your new partner's right palm.

It's a wonderful, exciting time that every person in love deserves to have. But the passionate stage is not the time to introduce kids into the equation. 

Children are supposed to be impulsive, and we're supposed to be rational. As role models, we need to take a step back before we involve our significant others in our children's lives. We should ask ourselves if this person has a good shot of sticking around in a year. I realize every relationship moves at a different speed, but if you're still mostly focused on his talents in the bedroom, it's probably too soon.

And for goodness' sake, we should certainly make sure our children and lover are well acquainted (like had many a dinner together) before he/she sleeps over. Otherwise you're all in for one awkward pancake breakfast. 

How long do you think parents should wait before introducing children to their significant other? 

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