Actress Jordana Brewster Welcomes Baby Boy With a Name Fit for Royalty

Jordana BrewsterThere's good news for Jordana Brewster this morning! The former child star is all grown up and starring on Dallas these days, and, oh, by the way, did you know she just welcomed a baby? Well, she and husband Andrew Form, that is. The couple are celebrating the birth of their first child, a son.

Didn't know she was pregnant? That's because Jordana wasn't. The couple opted to go the surrogate route and ended up with a little boy.

And now for the question of the hour ... what did they name the little guy?



Jordana and her hubs named their little boy Julian Brewster-Form!

It's a mouthful, isn't it? The hyphenated last names always are. But I have to admit I'm a big fan ... of the first name especially.

It's normal but not too common, and it's sort of regal. I could see a King Julian (or have I just been watching Madagascar too many times with my kid?). According to the Baby Name Finder, the name has both French and Spanish roots, and it means "youth" or "youthful." Kind of ironic for a child star, no?

AND it's tied to Julius, as in the former Roman emperor. Huzzah! Future world leader in the making!

OK, maybe not. I'm sure his parents would just settle for happy and healthy.

I do wonder if Jordana didn't push for a normal baby name to make up for her slightly unusual (although not weird!) moniker. It's certainly easier on kids to not have to constantly re-spell and re-pronounce their names!

Congratulations to the happy family!

What do you think of Jordana's baby name? Can you believe she's a mom?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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