Maya Rudolph Gives Birth to Baby #4: Is She Nuts?!

Congratulations are in order for actress Maya Rudolph who, alongside Oscar-nominated director Paul Thomas Anderson, has welcomed her fourth child. The couple is keeping a tight lip on the child's gender, name, and actual birth date, which isn't typical in tell-all Hollywood, but kudos to them for attempting to retain some privacy in these precious early weeks. The 41-year-old Bridesmaids star and her 43-year-old husband already have their hands full with Pearl, 7, Lucille, 3, and Jack, 2

So now comes the big question -- the one that's so much more important than those inevitable ones she'll get about how she managed to shrink back to a size 4 just weeks after giving birth: is Rudolph a super woman or simply nuts for raising three kids under age 4 at the same time?


Don't get me wrong. I respect the funny pants off her for having enough energy, courage, and love within her to just go for it. Rudolph herself told pal Salma Hayek just last year that she coudn't believe she had three children and was "never doing this again." So it's not crazy to speculate that at least one of the following thoughts may have crossed her mind when she saw that positive pregnancy test:

Holy cow. Can we do this? Will this be the one that breaks me? And where exactly do we store three sizes of diapers, even in this fabulous mansion in which we live? 

On a personal note, I'm expecting my second child this spring, and my 2-year-old is still as anti-toilet as a human can get. I have nightmarish visions in my head of having to change two diapers simultaneously and tend to two screaming children and just absolutely sucking at it all. I constantly wonder whether I am crazy for not waiting a few more years, at least until my child doesn't scream at the sight of a toilet seat. 

I understand that, at age 41, Rudolph doesn't have the luxury of waiting years until her entire brood is in school before she has another baby. And maybe she just loves the idea that her babies are so close in age that the likelihood is strong they'll grow up with a great bond. You have to admit that, once she gets over the crazy toddler hump and nutty teen years, family holidays will probably be a lot of fun at their house. 

What do you think? Is it a blessing or a curse to raise so many children so close in age? 


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