Mario Lopez Welcomes Baby #2 With a Strong, Traditional Name

Mario Lopez & Courtney MazzaLast night, Mario Lopez and wife Courtney's second baby arrived, and the proud dad shared the news via Twitter.

He kicked off the announcement with, "It's a boy!!!!!" and added that both mama and baby are doing fine. He says he "couldn't be happier."

And this little guy showed up at exactly the right time, considering Mario and Courtney's daughter, Gia Francesca, turns 3 on Wednesday. What better birthday gift can a little kid ask for than a brand new sibling?

The baby's name perfectly complements his big sister's, given that it's of Latin origin, just like Francesca -- and it has a similar meaning to Gia.


Mario and Courtney called him Dominic, which is so solid and traditional but still has a bit of a modern vibe to it. It means "from the Lord," and Gia's name means "God is gracious."

Can't you just picture how cute these kids are going to look on the front of their Christmas card this year? Gia Francesca and Dominic. Love it.

Mario is obviously over-the-moon to have a son, but sometimes it's still tough to believe that A.C. Slater is old enough to have kids. He's certainly come a long way from Bayside High. (Oh come on, forget the Extra host gig -- he'll always be Slater to most of us.)

Congrats to Mario and Courtney on their new arrival -- and happy birthday to both little Dominic and Gia Francesca!

What do you think of Mario's son's name?


Image via Splash

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